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Marin Sonoma Concours 2014

In an effort to make ours the most unique and best show possible, the Marin Sonoma Concours will take a hiatus in 2014 and look forward to seeing all of our valued participants and partners in 2015. Please check our website regularly for updates and announcements regarding future Marin Sonoma Concours events or contact us directly via email at

A Note of Thanks to Exiting Chairman John Nirenstein

The Board of Directors of the Marin Sonoma Concours d'Elegance have announced that John Nirenstein has decided to step-down as Chairman of the Concours. As one of the original founders of the event John's initial responsibilities included automobile selection and entrant registration. In 2011 John was promoted to Vice Chairman and then took over as Chairman in 2012. According to Interim Board Chairman David Devlin, "John has worked tirelessly for six years to help bring the Concours to the point where it can sustain itself for the future, including procuring a title sponsor for year 2014. In 2011 John was instrumental in shifting the Concours from an organized group of committed people to a 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation of which he has served as Chairman & CEO. We are sad to see John leave and thank him for his leadership, dedication and hard work through those pivotal years. Of course the Concours will continue next year and we look forward to making many exciting announcements as we move forward."

John Nirenstein shared, "Being a serial entrepreneur and avowed "start-up" guy, I think we all have done a fantastic job over the last six years of creating the foundation for a lasting event. The Concours Committee and Board of Directors have all worked very hard to help the community and raise over $500,000 for charity. Once again this year we have been fortunate enough to raise enough money to make a gift to our selected charities and it's time for me to leave the event in the capable hands of the Board and find my next adventure. I would like to thank all previous board, committee members and volunteers for their hard work over the years, the Concours would not be the celebrated event it is without their efforts."

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